COVID-19 Resources

From David Hanscom, SAWEA President 

COVID-19 has required us all to attempt to answer questions that we don’t really know how to.  We are dealing with an unprecedented state of uncertainty unlike any of us have experienced in our lifetimes!  The events community is full of small business owners. In my case, most of my friends are also small business owners.  We are struggling. We don’t know when the economy will recover. Our clients are cancelling, rescheduling, dropping out, and suspending services. Many don’t know how they’ll keep the lights on, pay the bills, and rebound their businesses.

This has impacted humanity on a global scale and may take longer than we ever thought to get through and for many, may be something that is unrecoverable.  In the immediate future, for most of us this will be the first weekend that we will not be working our typical event schedule. This trend may also continue indefinitely. 

To our members as well as everyone in the events and hospitality industry, I say I stand with you and for you.  I am here to support and champion you. I do not know what the future holds but I know that somehow, some way we will get through this together.  We are working around the clock to provide you with resources to help during this most difficult time as well as the rebuild process that will follow.  As a board, we are here to support you in any way we can. Please do not ever let pride get in the way of survival. We only know how to help what needs are identified.  Please also use the resources below as needed.  

I love and care for you all.  We will find a way to come out of this stronger than ever.  Thank you for your continued support of the association and your fellow members.  


Resources, Tips, & Small Business Info

Mental Health

Loans & Monetary Assistance Sites

Reemployment Assistance

Unemployment Insurance Benefit for Employers

  • Governor DeSantis directed DEO to waive penalties to employers
  • Currently an employer is “charged” for every employee that is laid off and this cost is reflected in the employer’s unemployment insurance paid to the state. 
  • Waiving this penalty will eliminate any perverse incentive an employer may have to keep an employee on the payroll but with dramatically reduced or deferred hours thereby preventing them from seeking unemployment assistance

Job Opportunities

Food Resources

COVID-19 Local Testing

Education Resources

MISC Resources


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