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Membership FAQ’s
Membership FAQ’s

Q: I’m not currently a member. Can I attend a meeting to check it out?
A: Yes you can! A guest fee of $10 per person is charged (maximum of $20 per company) – the guest fees collected are given directly to our meeting host to help with the expense of hosting us. Guests are permitted to attend no more than 3 meetings per year.

Q: What are the requirements to become a member of the SAWEA
A: Any business applying for membership must meet the following qualifications, as outlined in the SAWEA By-Laws:

  • Applicant must complete a Membership Application to the SAWEA.
  • Applicant must have been in business for at least one calendar year prior to submitting an application.
  • Applicant must provide a service specific to the event industry & provide that service in St. Augustine or the surrounding area.
  • Applicant must provide copy of current City, County, and/or State Occupational licenses, specific to their service, where applicable.
  • Applicant must be sponsored by a current SAWEA member.
  • Applicant must provide three business references.
  • Applicant must agree with the SAWEA’s mission, objective, and goals. Applicant must also agree to abide by the Code of Ethics set forth for the membership of the SAWEA.

Q: My business is established and well-known in the industry; do I really have to submit all the paperwork for membership?
A: Yes – all applicants must provide all the same documentation for review by the SAWEA Board. This process creates impartiality for approval of membership applications.

Q: Does my business have to be located in St. Augustine?
A: No – however, your business should provide services to couples planning in the St. Augustine & the surrounding area (Jacksonville, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, St. Johns, World Golf Village, Marineland, Palm Coast, etc)

Q: Do I have to attend every meeting?
A: No – members are only required to attend 3 meetings a year to remain in good standing.

Q: What are the dues? How often do I have to pay them?
A: Dues are $200.00 annually. The SAWEA fiscal year is March 1 – February 28; membership dues & renewal forms are due by March 1 of each year.

Q: Can anyone from my business attend the meetings?
A: Yes – you are welcome to bring other staff from your business to the meetings.

Q: What are the benefits of membership?
A: Membership benefits include access to our monthly meetings at no additional charge. Meetings allow our members to build solid business relationships with other professionals & expand their business with networking opportunities. Each member business receives up to two listings in appropriate categories on our website. The SAWEA also shares any leads it receives from couples planning a wedding with its members. Leads can be derived from the SAWEA website, print ads, bridal shows, or other collective marketing efforts.

Q: What happens if I change companies?
A: Membership is for the business – not the individual. Your new company, if not a member, would need to go through the membership process in order for you to be an active participant in the group.

Q: Once a member, can I only recommend SAWEA members to clients?
A: No – absolutely not! Referrals are not a requirement of membership. You are welcome to continue recommending any & all businesses to your clients that you did before becoming a member. We do, however, encourage you to build professional relationships with other members to enhance & expand your recommendations to clients.